Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look ma, no hands Sketch Tuesday 3-10-09

Week number 3 in the New Sketch Tuesday project. Upload your sketches to your blog, Flickr, or wherever you post your work online. Any Etsy illustrators who use Flickr I would encourage to tag & add their sketches to the Etsy Illustration Flickr pool!

If you're on Etsy, check out the New Sketch Tuesday thread for today and add a link to your sketch.

Unfinished sketches...

A revamp of an old illustration I was never satisfied with. This one is pieced together from several layers of tissues paper scanned in individually. I've been tending to work this way lately.
I keep repositioning the arms and the book on this one below. Still working on it.


  1. These are great illustrations! I like the creepy hand but I also like the girl as well. The black and white really gives it a unique look.

  2. I like her puzzled face.

    And I'm finding that boy's bear as creepy as the demon hand. There's a look on its face.

  3. I very much enjoy the line work on this one! Very nice indeed!