Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Monsters, They Are a Changin!

       The Spiderbite Boutique was shut down for some time, though I opened it up intermittently when I felt the urge, but I've decided to come back full force now! And with my return I bring big and exciting improvements to all of my products.

       All of my journals, Nightmare Snatchers and Worry-Woolies alike, now contain more pages than  ever before and those pages are now multicolored and bright... oooOOOOooooOh! Aaaah!

So much glorious color in that paper!
       The Nightmare Snatcher journals still have their magical spell inside, but there is also a bookplate upon which the owner of the monster can claim the beast with a scribble of their name. Each bookplate maw matches the style of the book it's found inside:

       And as if that wasn't colorful enough I'm now using eco-felt (made from recycled plastic bottles!) in a variety of colors for the lips and appendages of these furry little monsters!Which leads me to the next and most exciting evolution of the Nightmare Snatcher journals... they now have ARMS! With little velcro paws to help them keep your worries, fears, and nightmares squeezed tightly inside their pages!

Hugmitten is looking for a hug!

I hope you like the improvements I've made on my monster friends! Stay tuned for more products and artwork! And if you are interested in special deals and updates on my work, please join the Impetuous Homeric mailing list! Don't worry we won't overload your inbox.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Night night Etsy....

It's a quarter to three,
and I think you'll agree,
that I must go to bed... it's quite clear.
but the problem you see
is this wicked etsy
just won't let me sleep I fear.

Will I not get a heart,
or the forums fall apart,
if I give into the slumber that's calling?
will you empty your cart
of my humbly made art
if to my chambers I find myself crawling?

Still I find I must go,
  for the candle's burnt low
and I find my lids heavy as lead.
but it'd lessen the blow
if my sale sum did grow
While I lay dreaming upon my bed!