Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Angell Street: Sketch Tuesday 3-24-09

A sketch from real life, a spot on Angell Street here in Providence. And yes, Angell Street is spelled correctly. This is as far as I got before I decided it was too cold to sketch outside. Not too exciting, but I think it's good practice all the same. Angell St., like much of Providence is on a hill. Hence the angling.

This is week number 5 in the New Sketch Tuesday project. Upload your sketches to your blog, Flickr, or wherever you post your work online. Any Etsy illustrators who use Flickr I would encourage to tag & add their sketches to the Etsy Illustration Flickr pool!

If you're on Etsy, check out the New Sketch Tuesday thread for today and add a link to your sketch.


  1. I draw wild stick people...does that count? :)

  2. Normal stick people? no. But wild stick people definitely count.

  3. Needs milkjug tumbleweeds...