Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Sketch Tuesday 2-24-09

A new little project of mine. Every Tuesday I will have a new sketch to show on my blog. Having a deadline will help me to keep getting new work done. I'm doing this with a few other artists, with our group effort we should be able to keep it up. I hope you enjoy.

This week's is a sketch for a scratch board piece that I will make into an art print. I hope to complete it in the next 2 weeks or so.

A small planning sketch for the scene. I'm just trying to figure out the composition at this point and I will blow up the whole image bigger so I can make a more detailed sketch:

And then a more complete and larger (though not yet complete) sketch of the girl from the scene. Can you tell from this blog and previous blogs that I like making illustrations of girls with their hair blowing in the wind? haha. Her head will probably be turned more away from the viewer to make it appear that she is looking at the tornado. I just can't help but want to draw the face though. The plaids in her dress are hard to figure out...
Stay tuned to my blog for a completed illustration of this. And come back next week to see my new sketch! Same Bat time, same Bat channel.


  1. Looks fantastic, so far. I love that hair blowing in the wind and the plaid dress looks like quite a fun challenge! I'm looking forward to seeing her finished!

  2. Sorry to post twice...I like seeing part of her face myself...and I like that all the plaid isn't perfectly drawn in. It gives it a feeling like it's moving really fast to me...you know how sometimes patterns get blurred in strong winds...just my two cents :)

    The hair in the wind is awesome. I feel like I can feel what she must be experiencing.

  3. I love this, Sarah. Your treatment of the figure is spot on. I agree that the missing parts of the plaid adds to the feeling of movement.