Sunday, February 1, 2009

By the power of Greyskull!

A polaroid of my sister and I as children of the 80's. No real reason to post this other than, well.. it's He-man and He-man is awesome. Look at those sweatpants and that wood paneling. Now I'm sure you can truly appreciate why so many people are trying to bring the 80's back... Yeah, not really.

I'm the little one on the left, holding the sword in the correct hand for the He-man stance, I might add. Even that young I knew what was up.


  1. Great picture! I love looking at old photos of my brothers and I and to see now some of the things we were into is hysterical.

  2. Is it Greyskull?! haha I never knew!! I use to think it was grace co, hah I was little. I was She-rah for halloween one year.

    CUTE picture!!

  3. just stopped by to say hi and see what you were up to. Dominating the world again - He-man would be proud.