Friday, February 27, 2009

A Friday Find for you, my friends...

A fun Friday find for you, my dear readers. I thought it might be a nice change to use my Friday blogs to post things that I have discovered which I find inspiring and/or fun. After all, it can't be all about me everyday because I'm just not that interesting. So without further ado...

I'm told it is a common superstition that beginning a sea voyage on Friday is unlucky. I suppose if you believe that, it is appropriate to post this video today. From the Australian band 'The Basics', a video for their song "With This Ship" as directed and animated by Matt Arnold. The video consists of the animated and perilous journey of a tea kettle ship across the sea, accompanied by a catchy tune. Anyway, I'm no music critic so I won't try to expound upon the awesomeness of this track. But I know what I like, and I like this so check it.

And if you like that, I believe you will also enjoy 'Hearts a Mess', a song from Gotye, The Basics' front man Wally De Backer's side project. It too is filled with animated goodness and vocal bliss. Animated by Brendan Cook.

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