Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Dog-Doodle for National Dog Day! Sorry Suffragists!

One should note that it's also Women's Equality Day today as well as 'National Dog Day'. But I didn't have any drawings of women exercising their right to vote. I'm sorry suffragists, I will try hard next year to do right by you (and me)! I really will!

What I do have, however is a dog-doodle. No, not dog-doo, a doodle of a dog. Something I did a long time ago, but which I'm posting now on this most auspicious of days.

And here below is a picture of my favorite dog currently living, Mr. Pickles, my parents' shih tzu. He looks quite dubious in this picture, but than again he's usually a pretty suspicious fellow. Happy National Dog Day... and Happy Women's Equality Day. I'm not sure if it's insulting or not that National Dog Day is also Women's Equality Day. I will just chalk it up to every day of the year having multiple holidays, some serious and some just fun. I hope you have enjoyed both you loyal companions and also your right to vote.

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