Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wie geht's? Wunderbar!

The Austrian Magazine Nightline included Fribbler the Nightmare Snatcher journal in their February 2010 issue. Look at that, I'm on the same page as Nick Cave's book. Sweet! I had a very vague idea of what it said from my high school German class lessons, but Angelika of Purple Sage Designz was incredibly kind and translated it for me:

To commit yourself to the monster's care.  Nightmare Snatcher is another word for a notebook in the appearance of a plush monster to love (rather free translation, verbergen = to hide, note books that are hidden behind the name nightmare snatchers, like you wouldn't expect notebooks behind the expression). For example Fribbler is raven black and has sharp cuspid teeth. Rather frightening, but only rather (means it should be frightening, but is not really).

It's always fun to see your work written about in a foreign tongue, but worrisome too as they could be saying just about anything and you would be none the wiser. I'm relieved to find they had only positive things to say. I particularly like the description of him having 'sharp cuspid teeth' and since it was translated for me, I have been going around saying 'Rather (insert adjective here), but only rather.' I wonder if I could get a copy somehow. If only I knew someone in Austria...

If anyone is interested, here is the actual mag online. Fribbler can be found on page 8:


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