Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Comp+New Camera = New Life to Blog?

I just bought a new computer machine this fall, a 21.5" iMac, to replace my 5 year old 12" iBook G4. It's the new love of my life. I mean look at it, it's so silver and shiny and HD ta boot. o_O The magic mouse and keyboard are great, but I keep forgetting to shut off the mouse and it wears out the batteries. If you get one be sure you have rechargeable batteries for it, unless you own stock in Energizer or something.

Now that I bought a new compy, my HP Photosmart camera that came free with my mom's printer a year or so ago just seemed so pitiful in comparison to this behemoth of modern technology. So, today I bought a Canon Rebel XS.

The only way I could justify these expenditures was to say I'm literally and figuratively going for broke on the art this year. I have a ton of new stuff to start posting and as soon as my camera gets here I shall photograph it and it shall be posted!

My dear readers, if I have any left, be prepared for an art-alanche! Which everyone knows is an avalanche of art.


  1. oooo I wish I could buy a shiny new imac! i SO want one! :D

  2. Hope to read more and best of luck on the upcoming year!