Thursday, July 3, 2008

Winston, we hardly knew ye...

*EDIT: Winston is back in stock with a new fur that I found. Hurrah!

Poor Winston the Nightmare Snatcher journal. It took me forever to finally post him in my shop. He waited patiently on the shelf for his moment in the sun and then what happens? They discontinue the fur he is made with. I currently only have 4 Winstons left in stock, so after that I'll have to find a new fur for him.In memory of the first incarnation of Winston, I thought we would take a look at his origins...

Above you can see Watson, my beloved mutt-dog who passed away himself in 2005. For some reason my extended family could never get his name right. They always called him 'Wilson', 'Weston', and more often than not 'Winston'. I thought it only fitting to create something as a tribute to my late friend and thus Winston was born, with his scraggily hair and snaggle tooth.

I hope that this is not the last we shall see of Winston. I hope that he will soon rise up from the dead like the cutest/fuzziest zombie you've ever seen. Till then, good night sweet prince.


  1. awwwwww I teared up a little!
    Watson is truly adorable and I love how winston resembles him!
    I hope you find new fur to continue the winstons, they are simply awesome.

  2. aww! both winston and watson are precious. too bad there won't be more winstons!

  3. aww...what a nice likeness! Love the tooth. And I HATE when they discontinue my supplies. I get all nice and comfy using a clear glaze or paint color and then they up and change the formula or stop selling it all together. bah!