Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In his oven at R'lyeh gingerbread Cthulhu waits baking...

I know this doesn't have anything directly to do with my "work", but in a way it is my art.... Gingerbread art. And I don't know about you, but I like my art tasty.

Rich (of Lucky Bunny) and I made homemade gingerbread cookies from scratch. We quickly discovered that the cookie cutters weren't cutting it (Do you think puns are lame or not lame? Really? Me too.), so we made our own shapes.

Contrary to popular belief, Cthulhu is a great animal lover. Above he can be seen spending time with his close friend, Mr. Squirrel.

Here in the group shot you can see clockwise starting with Mr. Squirrel, Santa (one of the few surviving cookie cutter cookies), the Woman of Willendorf, Swampmop, T-Rex, a Puffer fish, heart, and Snargle who has enough icing on him to choke a donkey. In the center you'll find the Lucky Bunny logo, a moon, and the green, sticky spawn of the stars himself, Cthulhu.

Do you like my fine Doulton™ Everyday china? I thought you would.

And last, but not least a robot, an alien, and a whale. It's almost a reenactment of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Yeah, STAR TREK, I said it. NO I'm not ashamed (please don't tell anyone I watch Star Trek...)

Robot, alien, T-Rex, Puffer fish, Woman of Willendorf, Swampmop, Lucky Bunny Logo, moon all made by Rich.

Whale, Cthulhu, Squirrel, and Snargle made by Spiderbite... me.


  1. A big two thumbs up for gingerbread art! Both for taste and kookiness.

    Happy bloggin'!

  2. I now want a cookie. Like, bad.

  3. there is no shame in star trek ;-) I own a first series command sweater (gold, it was only later they decided command staff looked better in red)

    *is geek*

  4. Oh man, now I want cookies! Preferably Cthulhu shaped, please!

    (And... I'm supposed to be ashamed of Star Trek? ... Well crap! I didn't get the memo! D: )

  5. hee hee - spiderbit said Star Trek. :D

    J/K - have trekkie crew living at my house - all things star trek reside here.

    And mmmmm - cookies. How about a gingerbread nightmare journal thing for those creations that went all wrong and turned into the mess that wouldn't die... :( Been there, done that...LOL

  6. I think your blog is great i love the cookies especilly the robot. humor is what makes the world go round...and cookies

  7. I must say that I have never before seen in my H. P. Lovecraftian gingerbread critters. Ha!!!